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Boss, can I get a 35% raise...?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Happy Summer Olympics weekend!

Watching the game gives me plenty of inspiration. Athletes train hard physically and mentally to give themselves an edge over the competition. Investors also work really hard to evaluate many deals to find the right one, and we must also be mentally prepared to snatch it before it's gone. Investing is also like a team sport and we don't have to do it alone.

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What’s on My Mind this Week

I think most people would laugh at the email title. While it might be difficult to ask for a 35% raise from your boss, in this video I explained how it can be easier to get a 35% discount from the IRS. Real estate investing can really help you save on tax... remember it's not how much you make but how much you can keep.

Want to learn more about how she saves $$$ in tax?

Here is a transcript of the video for those of you who prefer reading:

Hello investors this is Yan from Sharpe investor group. In this week's "Smarter in Three Minutes Series" I'm going to ask you a simple question how easy it is to go to your boss and then ask for 35% salary increase? I believe it's possible but very very difficult. Another question is how easy it is to find an opportunity that can give you 35% annualized return? Again it's possible but very difficult to find. What if I tell you there's another way a much easier way to gain the 35 percent return... and I guess you already know the answer. If you invest in real estate especially the asset class that can give you bonus depreciation, you can easily pay less to IRS with your tax bracket. Let me give you some concrete example; let's say you invest 50K into stock market every single dollar that you made from that investment you need to pay tax to IRS. As a comparison, if you invest in multi-family syndication in year one, most likely you will get fifty percent of your original investment as paper loss so that you actually pay less to IRS. Let's say you're investing in 50k, then the next year in your k1 you see 25k loss and then multiply it by your tax bracket. Let's say it's 35%... that's how much money you can save by not paying IRS. Okay here is another example.. if you invest in ATM with 50k next year, you will get 50k loss in k1, multiplied by 35% tax bracket then you will pay maybe 15k less to IRS so that's how much you can save! and it's much much easier than asking for a 35% raise from your boss or looking for 35% return from investment. Again I'm not a CPA or a tax advisor; please consult with your own CPA, but I'm here to give you some concrete examples to open up your mind. At the end of the day the most important thing is not how much you make but how much you can keep.

Sharpe Investor Group Portfolio Update

ATM Fund Update

  • We are raising capital for the August tranche! It will close on 8/12.

  • Interested to know how this deal generates 21%+ cash-on-cash return without any leverage? Or how this deal can significantly reduce your tax? Check out our video playlist on the ATM fund

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