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Common between health management and personal portfolio management

It’s longer than 3 mins, but I want to share with you all the secrets. More importantly, I found a lot in common between health management and personal portfolio management. Oftentimes you find people succeed in different aspects, as they apply the same rules in different parts of their lives. In addition to ending the fat cutting program, I also started a mastermind learning how to buy a small business that yields significant and stable cash flows. I came across this strategy last weekend, which makes perfect sense to me. I then spent the whole weekend listening to all the podcasts on this topic and found the best training program to join. I am very excited about this new program, it will be another path leading to financial freedom, in addition to my current and ever-growing passive income portfolio. Of course, all the knowledge and information won’t matter, unless you put them at work, every day, consistently. It’s not the end of a fat-cutting camp. It’s not the beginning of a new mastermind. It’s a journey that the 75-years-old-you will thank you for.

- Yan

Want to know how I achieved these dramatic changes in two months?

Sharpe Investor Group Portfolio Update

ATM Fund Update

  • November tranche is open to investors now!

  • To recap, you will get

    • 20%-22% cash-on-cash return without any leverage

    • ~$20,000 tax in year 1 (assuming 40% tax bracket and you have passive income to write off)

    • 10-12% unlevered IRR every year

    • ZERO leverage and significant risk reduction

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Have a great weekend!

Invest with Confidence.

Yan Yan Sharpe Investor Group

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