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Demographics Trend Part II

Last week we talked about matching your real estate investment theme with the characteristics of the states you want to invest. This week, we want to talk about a related topic: population growth by state. Population growth is the most important fundamental data in your real estate investment. Higher population growth means more job growth, means bigger potential renter pool for your investment. There are so many things you can improve for your property, but you can't fight with the population trend. Investing in a growing city (notice the upward trend of cities in TX below?) gives you the tailwind, while doing the opposite gives the headwind. Of course, you can find good investments in every city, but I want to invest in a place where the probability of success is higher.

What information do I get from the chart?

1. Read the trend: is it growing or shrinking?

2. Is it in the most populous cities? Pay attention to the cities dropping out of the list and adding to the list of the most populous cities (highlighted in red)

Invest with Confidence.


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