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Investing Based on Demographics Trend

When I started investing in real estate out of state, the first thing I checked was the demographic trend by state and how my investment strategy can benefit from that trend. 

Here are some examples to match your investment strategy and the demographic trend:

If you want to invest in senior housing, which states are "older" states?  

Florida is the only state that has a county (Sumter) with a median age range over 65 years. Meanwhile, Maine has only five counties that are not “old” counties – and the majority of counties have median ages that fall in the 45-54 range.

If you want to invest in housing for younger generations, which state is the youngest one? 

Utah is the youngest state with a median age of 29.9, and this is extremely clear when looking at the county level. The state has only one county (Daggett) with a median age range above 35-44 years.

If you want to invest in housing for the working class, which states have median age fall within the middle ground? 

The Midwest and Southeast seem to have a higher distribution of counties with median ages in the “middle ground” 35-44 median age range. For instance, Alabama has 67 counties, and all but five of them are in that bracket.

We also observe that the West seems to have an interesting dichotomy in many of its states. 

Idaho is the most potent example: all of the old people seem to live in the north of the state, and all of the young people in the south.

Invest with Confidence.


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