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Neal Bawa on Election Impact to Real Estate

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Last week my partner Henry and I held a webinar called “Multifamily Investing for Successful Single Family Investors”. In this webinar, we did a side-by-side comparison of single family and multifamily from different angles, including property management, predictability of the cash flow, differences in valuation, leverage and tax benefit, scalability and the impact to quality of your life. We got a lot of positive feedback and a lot of new friends subscribe to my [Invest With Confidence] – [Education Saturday] email. Welcome our new friends!

If you missed the webinar, here is the replay:

Today I am going to share with you the key takeaways from Neal Bawa’s view on how the election will impact real estate.

Interestingly, history tells us commercial real estate performed well under both parties. That’s good news for multifamily investors!

Upcoming Free Educational Webinars 

Case Study: How I Analyze A Multifamily Deal  In this webinar, I will walk through how I analyze a deal I recently invested in. Through this example, I will show you how you can Invest With Confidence, even in market turmoil right now. Target Audience: interested in Multifamily investment; understand the basic valuation of Multifamily valuation (if not, just go over the valuation section in the replay). Buying Together - How Groups Of Investors Can Buy Multifamily Complexes  In this webinar, we will explain how individual investors can participate and benefit from Multifamily investments. Contrary to Single Family Investing, there is no “landlording” involved. To succeed, you need a sound decision-making mechanism Target Audience: already understand the basic of Multifamily investing; investors who want to grow portfolio faster; interested in passive investment; ready to deploy capital Real Estate Investment for Busy Professionals  In this webinar, I will do side-by-side comparison between stocks and real estate investment and show you the pros and cons. No single asset class is the “best” asset class, but you need to understand the tradeoffs and know how to construct an optimal portfolio through asset allocations. Target Audience: high-paid W2 employees; too busy to invest; dream about quitting your job one day… Last but not the least, I am happy to announce today we launch a new website: Sharpe Ratio is a commonly used term in the financial industry; it measures the return you are being compensated per unit of risk you took. If Sharpe Ratio is above one, the return justifies the risk you are taken and vice versa. The higher the Sharpe Ratio, the better the investment is. Investment is all about taking calculated risks and being compensated by higher risk-adjusted returns. The “investor group” in the domain also suggests how we work - we invest together to achieve economies of scale. Since we are on the same team, there is no conflict of interest. The website is 1-day “young”, but we are gradually adding more and more contents there. Subscribe to receive the latest content and announcements.

Invest With Confidence. 

Yan Yan Sharpe Investor Group

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