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Slow Down to Speed Up

What’s on My Mind this Week

This week I learned an important lesson from my friend Jeff Guo: Slow down first to speed up. He is using this strategy to pace himself so he can finish a triathlon race with serenity. Because he was more relaxed and “in the zone”, he got to produce a more consistent pace and therefore speed up his overall race. He posed the question - If our life is a 100-year race, who do you think will cover more distance in the long run?

“Is it the person who continues to burn the late-night oil for 20 straight years, overlooks his health, works in the day-to-day grind of the business instead of working on the business without slowing down to reflect, came home from the office at 11 pm every day and misses the kids’ childhood,..."

"Or is it the person who “slows down” to take care of his spiritual, mental and physical condition; who “slows down” to read the book, write the journal and reflect upon himself on a daily basis; who “slow down” work “on” the business instead of “in” the business; who “slow down” to make win-win relationships with partners, mentors, coaches, and other high caliber players, who “slow down” to mentor others and share his experience in business?”

Those are powerful questions.

I also hear similar wisdom from two very successful investors who have gone through multiple cycles. They both believe we are in the middle of a bubble so they slowed down and do one deal at a time….One investor is financing with 100% of his equity (no leverage) and slows down to only work on the cream of the crop. The second investor decided to slow down on capital raising even though he has the reputation to earn large upfront fees. Instead, he is focusing on smaller deals and working with few partners that have longer-term investment horizon; he does not need to worry about "must sell" to return investor capital in X years and what the market will look like…they will do extremely well just on cash-flow alone.

Yan and I are also not in a hurry to jump into deals because we want them to continue doing well in the current/next market cycle. So...what can you do to slow down to be more productive?

- Henry

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