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Snowball Effects from Small Changes

This week I checked out some properties in Phoenix and talked to local people to understand why the housing market is so hot here. The field trips also help me assess whether the real estate market will continue to outperform. I will be flying out to Texas this weekend and will collect first-hand data there as well. In this week’s “smarter in 3 mins” video, I share a secret from my friend who keeps working out every day while we are traveling together. On the other hand, I have been putting on a lot of weight since we hit the road a month ago. If you find my excuses familiar, watch this video until the end to see how I learn from her and make small adjustments.

P.S. If you are familiar with Texas and want to share any travel tips or hit me with food recommendations, please reply to my email! Thanks!

Recession-resistant ATM fund update We also sent out a video recording titled “How to Protect your Retirement from a Recession” hosted by Advanta self-directed IRA. In this webinar, I laid out a simple 3-step framework and used a case study to walk through how to protect your portfolio from recessions.

As a reminder, the June raise for ATM fund is closing in a few days. If you want to get into this tranche, please contact us ASAP. The next raise will be in early July. The earlier you invest, the earlier you get the cash flow. Click this link to watch the Advanta Webinar video Updates on other opportunities We are also evaluating other opportunities that make sense in current uncertain environment. It’s typical that you will see a lot of deals flying around in late cycle, but we want to be very cautious and only invest in deals that make sense. We will let you know if we find something.

Invest with Confidence.

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