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Taking Calculated Risk

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Happy weekend Sharpe Investors!

Click the Video below to learn about taking calculated risk

As you can tell today, I'm recording this special series at a special place; this is the Breckenridge Colorado, and behind me that's a Pinch Six. I think the altitude here is 13,000 feet, so we're still climbing up. I spent a whole week snowboarding in Denver with my friends. I learned how to snowboard four or five years ago, and I paused for two three years to focus on real estate investing. So, this year I'm trying to refresh my memory and try to catch up. My friend who just learned snowboarding three years ago... It's hard to believe that he already got the level one instructor… when he's snowboarding it's like crazy… he is moving very aggressive... it’s almost felt like he's dancing on the on the snow. It's so beautiful and I feel so jealous when I compared to him.

I feel like maybe he makes a lot of progress just because he's taking more risk…but this is not true. I follow him every day.

What I learned from him…Is that the first 4 to 6 runs every day when you hit the snow you always start with the green run…which means the easiest route. I was very confused so I asked him, “You are so good at this why are you always start with the green run?”.

His answers….the snow condition is different and his body condition is different as well… so you use the first four to six run to figure out what's the snow condition… is it icy or not and also how the body feel about it. Is his muscle tight? Once he figured that out, then he know how aggressive he wants to do in the next run.

So in another words he's taking calculated risk. He's not risk-taking without doing research…and then after the first four to six runs he goes all in.

I think this can also be applied to real estate investing as well. How do you apply? You need to know:

· What market cycle it’ll be in?

· What kind of real estate asset you want to invest?

· What kind of strategy are you doing?

o Are you flipping or you doing rental investment?

o Are you doing notes investing, ATM, etc?

· What kind of market you are in?

Lastly, how do you want to invest? I hope this is helpful and see you next time. Bye!

Invest with Confidence.

Yan Yan Sharpe Investor Group

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