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Why Asset Prices Went Up when the Economy was Bad in 2020

I attended a 3-day real estate conference last week and there were a lot of information to digest.

Have you ever wondered why the price of all the asset classes went up, when economy was doing horribly in 2020? The following three charts reveal the answers.

Personal income increased dramatically thanks to CARES and stimulus checks

Spending on services reduced sharply

As a result, personal savings increased by 173% from 2019

Where did the money go?

I hope you find these charts as interesting as I do. Keep investing in recession resistant asset classes in 2021!

Lastly, I am going to hold a webinar to talk about a new way to invest: co-investing. It has a lot of benefits: getting into a good deal which you can’t get in as an individual investor; alignment of interest; diversification; free independent underwriting, just to name a few. We will send out a registration email shortly. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

Invest with Confidence.

Yan Yan

Sharpe Investor Group

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