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Q2 2020 GDP Growth by State

When I started real estate investment, I started with two questions: Which asset classes to invest? Where to invest? Imagine filling out a 2-by-2 table with the asset classes and the states that you are interested. Then I asked myself how to invest in that specific asset class in that specific state.

We talked about comparing the performance of different asset classes. Today, let’s talk about comparing the performance of different states.

What information I get from the chart?

Ranking of GDP performance 

Which states are hit harder compared to others? Which states are more resilient?

Which industry contributes most to the negative GDP growth by state? 

Understanding which industries the local economy relies on is crucial. Next time we might face a different crisis, you can estimate the impact to local economy by estimating the impact to those “pillar industries”.

Invest with Confidence.


Here are some free educational resources:

Video of our Coast-2-Coast educational series on asset allocation during the COVID era:

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