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We have an Announcement- The second ATM fund is back!

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Sharpe Investor Group Portfolio Update

ATM Fund Update

The second ATM fund will be opened in early October due to popular demand. We already have investors queued up and ready to invest, and it will have the excellent benefits like the first ATM fund. Here are THREE reasons we like about this deal: 1. 24.7% annual preferred return from the ATM sponsor. 2. If your tax bracket is 40%, you will have a potential tax savings up to $20,800 per $53,000 investment. 3. Low risk due to 0 leverage and recession-resistant nature of the ATM business.

Please note that October tranche is the last chance to get the tax saving counted in 2021. Future tranches will count towards 2022. You can learn more about the analytical frame and how the deal works by watching our video playlist and contact us if you are interested.

What’s on My Mind this Week

Watch this video for tips on "Comparative Advantage"

I'm on a road trip, and this week I'm in North Carolina and spent two days in Raleigh and the research triangle park. I see a lot of companies there and today I'm in Greensboro and heading back to Charlotte; please stay tuned to hear my stories.

In today's Smarter in Three-minute Series I'm going to talk about a concept in economics…it's called comparative advantage and what does that mean? You need to know your strengths and your weaknesses, and what you enjoy doing that you can do it much better than anybody else? For example, I know myself I am really good at analytics…I'm good at looking at the data and come up with some conclusion. What I'm not good at for example is talking to people. I have a rental right now and I hate dealing with applicants and I don't want to talk to people on Facebook. I hired a VA from Philippines, and she does that for me every day so I can free up myself and create contents. I'm also not an expert in marketing but I know how important it is to have a marketing expert so that my content can be delivered to my subscribers. I interviewed a lot of VA and then I found the one that I like… it's not cheap you need to spend money. Instead of thinking how much it cost to hire a VA or marketing expert, the right question to ask is how much it costs if I don't invest on it? If I don't spend the money to hire people to do a better job than me, then it will cost me tremendous time to learn. I can free up myself to do the things I'm good at.

You need to ask the same questions: What I'm good at and where do I want to spend my time? Now that you have learned the concept, how do you apply to your daily life? Let's say you are a real estate investor, so the first thing you need to do is that what is my goal here? Do you want to get appreciation or do you want to get cash flow? Identify what are the things that needs to be done and there are different components. Break down each component and identify your advantage and identify where you can find the right people and outsource. Let's say you are a marketing expert then you can find someone else handle the analytics. Data geeks like me need to find someone that are good at marketing, and I can help you find the story behind the data. Do you have a lot of capital, and you just need to partner up with someone who are good at finding deals right? You need to find your niche and then you also need to find the people that you can trust.

- Yan

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